Sunshine Lawn Co. Services

Sunshine Lawn Co. has a vast array of services from edging to tree planting. Below are some of our most popluar services but call us with any problem and we can help you solve it. There is no job too big or too small.

Trimming and Edging

If you wnat that crisp looking line between your sidewalk and lawn Sunshine Lawn Co. has you covered. We provide the highest level manicure for your yard. Do you have tight spots that a mower can not make it through? That is okay we have all the tools needed to trim in thoes tight spaces.

Get Your Yard Back

Do you like to BBQ but don't have time to mow, clean debris, or trim the bushes. We got you covered! Get your yard back with Sunshine Lawn Co. we will come in and in a flash you will be in the back yard with the grill fired up enjoying life.

Zero Turn Mowing

Sunshine Lawn Co. uses only the best equipment to get the job done. Your yard will be evenly mowed and will enhance your curb appeal. We can cover large areas in a small amount of time allowing you to get back to enjoying your yard.

Expert Tree Trimming

Sunshine Lawn Co. will climb to any height to give your trees the care that they deserve. We will remove low hanging branches touching the roof of your house or shop.We also do tree planting, want a fruit tree in your yard to supplement your garden? We can make suggestions for the area and help you plan a path to a successful harvest.

Debris Disposal Made Easy

If raking up grass and piling up branches and limbs is not on your list of priorities then call us and we will free up your day. Sunshine Lawn Co. will pick up debris of any size and dispose of it just call with a description of the debris and we will get you a quote right away.


Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Do you have hedges or shrubs that are out of control or difficult for you to manage? Round, Rectangle, Square, we have got you covered on shrubbery design. If you want something other than the traditional shrub design give us a call for a consultation. Sunshine Lawn Co. has a good eye for the perfect shape shrub or hedge.